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Report to Alpha2

I am beta4.Recently, I’ve been to this planet called Earth. I am little more shocked than amazed.The earthlings are entirely different from us.We have eight fingers and they have ten fingers.While we have three eyes they have two.Some creatures have four legs and others have wings and tail.Some live on land and some under water or on trees.

Some bigger creatures feed on the smaller ones unlike us feeding only on plants.We Zeldans share with each other while there the two creatures of same species fight against each other and the stronger defeats the weaker one.

What amazed me was there are creatures called as “humans” who think themselves as the creator of the earth and thus rule it as they like.Their behaviour is weird when I saw them fighting for mere rectangle-shaped scraps of green paper namely “money”.They use it for trading with other items. Everything loses its importance when money comes into the picture. Humans have been witnessed killing each other for this piece of green paper. Those who had more green papers are living in big houses, moving in big Autobot and eating lavish food which we couldn’t understand while people with lesser green papers are living in dust wearing rags and starving for little food even the plants a farmer grows.

Another depressing event I witnessed was few humans called males were forcing themselves on fragile human namely ‘female’.That female was yelling out for help and unwantedly surrendered but nobody came to its rescue.At the end she gave up her life jumping from the building and nobody cared.

Humans have marked their territories on the basis of some vague abstract terms they use like religion, culture, colour and cast. I didn’t understood that part. But humans of each territory is fighting with the human other territory for some unknown reasons.

In their fight, they have forgotten the very beautiful nature they are surrounded by.They are continuously attacking their nature for those green scrap of papers and some for building cement buildings.

The four legged are being attacked, captured and poached for ill reasons.There are disastrous calamities attacking parts of the earth every second because of the illogical actions by the humans.There are wars for un-understandable reasons.Humans and four-legged are dying out of diseases we never heard of. No-one seems to be happy there.

But somehow I managed to see some good sides of earth and earthlings.There are few humans who are continuously harping on to stop such unwanted actions. Some who are serving the starving and others who are preaching humanity. I witnessed the awe-inspiring beauty of the earth and it’s creation and look upon to another visit to earth after all these wars ends.

An Appeal

An appeal to Mum-Dad

Dear parents,
You’ll be glad to know that I had a wonderful childhood with you.You have been an excellent pair of parent.I owe a great deal of my existence to you.It’s not because you have been a cool one, it’s because you have stood by me all my life to endure my metamorphosis all over.

As a dad, you have provided me a luxurious abode, worth education and a protected life.You have always called me princess and treated like one.You guided me to be wise and an intellect soul.Your hands acted like a guide and never a rod.You made sure I learn every lesson despite playing long hours.You took care of my funds and technological needs.You accompanied me through all my examinations and interview and result never mattered you.Though you never hugged me, you made sure I never fall down and weaken.

Being a mum isn’t a play; especially when it’s a child like me.You’d patiently bear all my tantrums.You’d listen to all my secrets and made sure it doesn’t get revealed.You’d make heavenly delicacies and enjoy seeing the dancing delight in my eyes gobbling them down.A period when you never left me alone-Puberty.
You’d understand my swinging mood and my immediate needs.You made sure I have latest fashion in my wardrobe.You were throughout my makeup and breakup periods.You slept beside me when I needed warmth.You love me unconditionally mum.

You guys have been a wonderful bunch of parent.But there’s something further I want.I wish a little freedom now.You have always given me choice to choose but not at all places.You never said ‘NO’ because you never had to. I knew what would bring an “NO” as an answer from your mouth, therefore ended up not asking for it at all.
Now, I wish to be independent.I want to explore the untested water.Please tune your mind to accept that you guys need a respite.I am sure I’ll make hell lots of mistake but I don’t want to be best; I want to be ‘me’. I want to own myself, be my own master and responsible to face consequences.I need to come out of the warmth of the cocoon you have shelled me in.Let me swim my life.

Maybe I am being blunt but you need to leave my hand to let me grow.One day you’ll watch me grow beyond your expectations though after loads of sufferings but I would be strong and bold.So sit back and relax.I love you the most but it’s time to fly high.

And don’t worry I’ll be back soon. 🙂

With Love,
Your Princess

Dark & Gray

It was the day I met him like everyone did this day. It was a meeting I had never expected. I thought him being far away.

It was the day everything fell into ruin.

I had no idea about the date we had; however I knew, I would never forget this day. You lose your sense of time when your whole world stops moving.

I wrapped my hand around the stick, hoping it would protect me.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream but my throat was empty. I wanted to turn my back, I didn’t want to see anymore. I wished darkness before my closed, teary eyes; such a comfortable view. Monochrome and silent. No red of burning flames or blood. No desperate screams of people crying for help.

My black, silent world. But my eyes widened even more. Standing on a hill I could see it. I could see everything and I wasn’t able to take my eyes off it. I saw it falling into ruin.

Brick by brick. Burning to ash. He was here, stealing lights away. He was everywhere. In the town and even one step behind me.

But I’ve to face it. There’s no way I can run from it. So let’s face it. Why not with courage, seeing eye to eye with death?

The unpleasant but inevitable being-Death!


That night,she felt like her ceaseless wait was over.

Her wood-brown curls waved in the air blowing through the wind. The moon lit up her pale face. Her legs dangled off at the edge of the comfy-chair. The classic story by Peter Brown was resting on her lap.A sketch book too was waiting for it’s turn, it’s pages empty. She held a pencil but didn’t touch it to the paper.

Every few minutes water brushed off her feet with the salt. The sand behind was shinning silvery white. The glitter in her eyes were the reflection of the floating pearls in the water. The forest behind was such black where even the darkness would fear to enter. The stars covered the sky like a blanket. Smoke rose up circling in the air from the burnt woods.Aroma of lilies bathed the atmosphere.She could feel the tranquility in surrounding.

He tip-toed from behind without a noise. She didn’t glance back, she didn’t turn her head; she made no indication that she even saw the man behind.

His beach-colored bottoms hanged loosely.His demeanor perfect to arouse her breath. He was wearing her favorite Ralph Lauren’s off- blue shirt revealing his neat chest. He never forgot his treasured Rado. His jet-black hair with soft cuts covered half of his forehead.He smelled of Versace.God’s flawless carving!He planted a peck on her head from behind and stood back.

The girl closed her sketchbook. “I’ve been ready. I was only waiting since years.” She pushed a strand of hair falling on her cheeks behind her ear and stood up.

She turned facing him with a smile on her face. “Let’s go!”. He observes her lean body. The Christian Dior’s milky white gown flew loose ending up just above her ankle.Her locks ended at her slender waist with caramel-highlighted curls.A silver bling hung around her bare neck complementing the diamond hearings which he gifted her on their last Valentine they celebrated years ago.

Her little bare feet covered with mud and salt were perfectly carved.Eyes puffed due to unending tears spoke of ages they longed to glare him for once.He wished to tie knot with her for once but destiny had other plans for them.

She saw ‘no’ shadow of him…

“Don’t be so cheerful,” he told her, turning around. “This isn’t a happy errand to be doing.” They walked across the pier, side-by-side. The man was inches above her head. They looked picture perfect. “Yeah, but,” she paused for a moment. “It’s an errand with you! You know how rare that is, don’t you? We never get to do this.” The man frowned at her.

“You have a much different idea of this than I do,” he muttered. “I don’t see this as very exciting in the least.” They stopped at where the pier met the street. That’s why I’m here,” the  girl chimed in. “I make it become exciting.” She grinned at him.

“Yeah, that’s exactly why I’ve chose you”, he said wiping the baby tear cornering his eye. He lightly tapped her back and whispered in her ears “let’s go. We don’t have much time sweet-heart”

The girl followed him holding his soft palm escaping through bones and flesh dissipating into air.

I’m unable to see things. My vision’s blurred…
[Clearing my watery eyes]..Yeah, I see you!
See you..drifting away..miles uncountable..

Blurry though, I stare at you walking slowly towards the No-Me-zone..
You have starved yourself dear…
That baby-pink shirt which used to fit you inch by inch now hangs like a robe..
Those denims which flaunted your perfect butts now are sorry too..
Your curvaceous body that could make anybody crazy is unhappy being reduced to skeleton..
Your eyes that radiated blinding shine once is now hollowed enough to reveal your excruciating pain..

I?..I am one ready to be buried back to earth!
Man!! These watering eyes and heavy heart are disabling me to watch you one last time…
Why on earth is the word Goodbye invented even??

Well, the first time I saw you, I married you in my air bubble.
Why everywhere in the crowd I looked for you??
Why seeing you every-time I saw you made my adrenaline rush??
Why did I made space for you in my bed wishing you would fly in at midnight??
Why seeing you with Any-Her burned my inside??

I recollect you loved my watering nose wetting your shirt as I sobbed hugging you tight..
I recollect while you enjoyed untangling my hairdo, I loved breathing in your nostalgic fragrance..
I remember we couldn’t kiss for the first time because every time we tried, a big laugh escaped through us..
I also remember how bad you are at applying nail paint..
I remember…..

Once when we were busy ogling at literature..
You- Hey!
I- Yeah?
You-I love you!
I (suppressing my smile)-Shut-up and study man!
I-what!! I’m already married!
You(with sheepy eyes)- When? whom?
I-To you..Long ago…
You(amazed look)- I never had a honeymoon then!!!!!!!

Today the same you stands in front of me with a straight face failing to show the love we had, though your sore eyes reveal your last night..
Ouch!! That cold look piercing my soul inside..

You-Sorry, I cant any more.
I- Why???
You-There are many reasons, I cant enlist them.
I- You have none. There’s something too dark inside you to be shared.
You (kissing my forehead)- Please take care..and you turned back ready to depart..

 I couldn’t move.Momentarily paralyzed I watched you walking away with your bag-pack you used to take only for long tours..yeah, this is long one indeed!

A voice unable to find an opening screamed inside me-“Hey!Hey!Hey!Stop!Please!Hey Listen!NO”
You stopped and turned back.
Yes! Thank God! I knew it.

I could see your tear-filled eyes; you flied a kiss and said-“Laters Baby”

I crashed to ground. Fainted. Woke up only to find you GONE..FOR EVER!

– Jasmine Dugar

Unlike Rainbows and Butterflies!

A simple love with a complex touch

when you touch someone’s heart,its limitless.

No this is not a mournful prose of lost love,its an eulogy of tender words that kindles the forgotten smiles.Love is like scattered rain;not here not there but everywhere.The rhythm of the rain coincides the beating of my heart.

I lend my ink to thoughts of you,what comes out is solitary .I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your doors.I’ve always had you but somehow needed some more.Knowing all that makes you for who you are, i knew you’d try too hard.Now can you see me above your head when you lie on bed?

For my life has been spent sailing to find your shore in the sea of strangers.You’re in my highs and lows;in my mind you come to and fro.You are like sun to night like momentary gold.Like dawn dimming the glowing stars.

I tend to be insecure but it doesn’t matter anymore.Life is not all about rainbows and sunshine ,its compromise that moves us along.For life is how two souls find their last but integral piece in one another. Along the chest lies the heart,in the heart bubbles the beats.Your desire reigns the beats. With every beat grows the pain but its the only essence of your i possess.I don’t mind spending every day out on your corner in pouring rain.Dancing straight until it pains.To spend your love until you’re broke.But sometimes loving you is like chasing the cloud.I am like a lonely kite lost in flight that you had once blown.

It was question i wanted to ask though i knew what’s gonna come-Do you love me? In your hesitation i found the answer.A song cannot be un-sung;A feeling cannot be un-felt.For I was high with chaos that controlled my mind i ain’t hear your whispered goodbye and you got on a plane to never return again.That’s how you are like flicker of the blown candle.

They said you are not coming home but they also said the world was flat!There will be a light in the hall and keys under the mat if you wish to come back.There will be a smile on my face and coffee hot and we’d pretend that you were never gone.





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